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I've Got Those Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Ep-si-lon Blu-ues

Hurricane season may be officially over, but the last tropical storm (well, the last formed during legal hurricane season) is still out there in the Atlantic and has formed Hurricane Epsilon. The last I heard the other day, they didn't think it was going to disturb anyone. Then again, they weren't thinking it would make hurricane strength, either.


Late night, flipping channels before updating a quiz solution, web pages and updating them for those of my students who might actually want to study Saturday morning. (Dr. Phil is going to sleep in.) And I ran across the opening to a new Japanese anime program on G4/TechTV's Anime Unleashed. Um... it's about panty shots? And sneaking peeks of lacy bra trimming? And cleavage? And deliberately elbowing women to brush up against... And guys running headfirst into a lamp post as they dream of girls on bicycles... WTF?

Oh. Turns out it's Colorful and yes it is unfathomable as it sounds. My copy of The Anime Encyclopedia says it comes from a manga and was originally sixteen 7 minute shorts, then released as one 110 minute DVD.

I guess the point is that terrible things happen to the guys -- it's comedy. Now before you get on your high Western horse and complain about Japanese morals and panty obsessions, need I remind you that the staid, respectable British found Benny Hill to be funny, too?

I'll turn the TV off for either. But I was surprised to see American cable TV running Colorful. G4/TechTV, having gotten rid of most of the old decent computer based TechTV programming in favor of gaming shows, is also running episodes of The Man Show. I guess a gaming network falls into the rubric of Boys Club -- No Girlz Allowed.

Dr. Phil

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