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That Didn't Take Long To Get To The Edge Of The Abyss

"Buck-buck-buck-buck," Grumbled The Chickens.

Gasoline in West Michigan shot up again, after drifting downwards for a few days. On Monday, for example, regular in Allendale was $3.79.9/gal. I filled up with mid-grade at $3.90.9, but only paid $3.40.9/gal because Family Fare had a big special over the weekend where if you bought over $90 worth of groceries you got 50¢ off a gallon. First time in a long time that I had one of the "big" coupons which wasn't eaten up all or partway by a sudden jump in gas prices. (evil-grin)

Lots of places were still on the tipping point this morning, $3.99.9/gal, but Allendale managed to hold it to $3.98.9/gal for regular, which I'm sure made everyone feel better that they "weren't" paying four bucks a gallon.


I don't put regular in the Blazer -- we use mid-grade. And with the 11¢ differential per grade, that works out to $4.09.9/gal. Whoo-hee. We're above the four buck a gallon line. (True confession, I almost typed a Freudian slip, by contracting four+buck into a single four letter word -- grin.) No coupon today.

Of course the news mavens made it official and gave "permission" today, by observing that "four dollar a gallon gasoline will remain for most of the summer." That means that as soon as the threshold is crossed for regular, it won't be $4.01.9/gal, it'll be $4.25.9 and up. As per usual.

And we're not even to Easter, let alone Memorial Day.

Dr. Phil
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