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Plays Well With Others?

We were listening to the Division II Semi-Final football game between Grand Valley State University and East Stroudsburg (Pa.), which was most of a rout by the GVSU Lakers who are now headed to Yet Another Division II National Finals for Saturday December 10th (against Northwest Missouri State), and we started getting silly.

The commentators kept talking about an "extra tight end" and that led to a "too tight ends" (two tight ends). And finally it deteriorated with Mrs. Dr. Phil wondering aloud if the "strained mussels" they were talking about were like "clam juice"? No, I replied, it must be more like creamed clams...


Sorry guys, you all did a great job, but our Saturday radio listening is a steady diet of humor -- Weekend Edition Saturday, Car Talk, Whadya Know With Michael Feldman and Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me The NPR News Quiz -- so it's hard to put on a serious face when such obviously funny expressions are coming over the ether waves.

Not Playing Well With Others

The SMC Barricade WiFi Router had to be physically reset twice today -- actually pulling the power jack out of the unit and counting to twenty. (Ten wasn't enough.) Two different machines had trouble connecting with it. Odd, especially as the day started off on the wrong foot not with the router but my old Sony VAIO laptop. I upgraded Firefox and Netscape and then tried to do a LiveUpdate on Norton Anti-Virus, and then things got jammed up. NAV wouldn't start.

Four hours later and I finally got it running again. Might've been sooner, but the problems were so obviously on the laptop that I didn't think to reboot the router.

Norton keeps telling you to reinstall the software. Yeah, right. This install is 1-of-3 of a multi-install version of NAV and the CD-ROM is an hour and a half away. But once I finally got reconnected, and LiveUpdate ran, I clicked on the Turn On button, which produced an error message about being unable to check my IM -- I don't use anyone's IM. A few minutes later I noticed the NAV tray icon was there again.


Definitely a Bad Player

What annoys me about Symantec and others, is that when I went to look at an error message, which wouldn't display, I pasted the URL into Internet Explorer, because I knew that Symantec/Norton doesn't like Netscape.

If you want to run IE, then just start IE -- it's on every damned Windows machine! Don't bitch to me about it, just because I have a version of Netscape as my default browser. My choice of default browser is MY issue, not yours. It's MY damned machine, dammit! (whew)

Of course IE wanted to run to mama and update at Microsoft -- nope sorry, kill that for now -- but I couldn't display my home page either. Because I'd just installed a new version of Netscape and so that prompted Real Player to reinsert itself as the default homepage on IE. Hey, not fair!


I "love" computers...

Dr. Phil

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