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Southern Fried Weirdness: Reconstruction

Now Available

T.J. McIntyre announces today that his Alabama tornado relief anthology, Southern Fried Weirdness: Reconstruction is now available for sale at Smashwords in multiple formats (buy one, access all). Coming soon to Amazon and Barnes and Noble (hopefully by early next week). UPDATE 5-16-2011 Mon: Now available on
In the wake of the destructive tornadoes which ripped through Alabama on April 27th, 2011, Southern Fried Weirdness Press is proud to present the charity anthology, Southern Fried Weirdness: Reconstruction. This collection of poetry and short fiction features 46 pieces from 40 different contributing authors. It spans multiple genres and presents an eclectic mix of voices. All profits will be donated to The American Red Cross to aid disaster relief efforts.

My own short story "Giant Cicadas and Other Odd Indignities", first published on the Southern Fried Weirdness Online website, is included. "Giant Cicadas..." was born in the humid heat of East Lansing MI during Week 4 of the 2004 Clarion workshop. Listening to the cicadas that summer, I remembered the racket caused by cicadas in Greensboro NC during the mid-70s and seeing the eerie split open body shells with clear eye lenses of the newly molted cicadas. Alas, that first version did not fair well in that crucible of Clarion, the Crit Circle, crashing and burning as a humorous tall tale. I think I've got it right this time, though. (grin) It is symbolic that our Week 4 instructor, Andy Duncan, was on the campus of the University of Alabama on 27 April 2011, hunkered down in the basement with some of the Honors Writing students as the tornado swept through nearby.

This is also my first Reprint "Sale".

In Addition...

Southern Fried Weirdness: Reconstruction is selling for only $2.99 on Smashwords. And while most of that is going to the American Red Cross... well, let me let T.J. tell you more:
More Ways to Help
Thank you again for purchasing this anthology! As you know, the proceeds for this anthology will go towards The American Red Cross, an extremely deserving organization that tends to be among the quickest to respond to any natural disaster worldwide. For those interested, below are some links to several organizations and relief funds worth supporting:

The American Red Cross:

The Salvation Army:

Feeding America:

Governor's Emergency Relief Fund:

Hands On Birmingham:

Greater Birmingham Humane Society:

The United Way of West Alabama:

The University of Alabama Acts of Kindness Fund:


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