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Jon Stewart On Eating New York Pizza

Mmm... Pizza

As regular readers and friends of Dr. Phil know, I am a huge fan of Chicago stuffed pizza. This is lovely stuff and a whole meal and food group unto itself. This is not to say that there are not other kinds of lovely pizza out there. In particular, we spent five years in White Plains NY, just north of New York City, so I know what real New York pizza is.

And how to eat it.

While using a fork may be required for Chicago stuffed, there is a proper technique for eating a lava hot New York slice. And here Jon Stewart manages to expertly show it. While, as he is wont to do, skewering some people involved in politics.

Ah. Wish I had a slice of New York pizza on a piece of waxed paper right now.

Dr. Phil
Tags: humor, new york, pizza, politics, tv, video
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