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This Took Til 2011?

As Grade-a-Thon Continues...

I find myself about two-thirds through the Topic 1 Science Literacy Book Report papers. I was struck by the reason one student gave for reading Frankenstein. As an older title, it was available as a free e-book.

A lot of students choose their books based on which titles are left to check out from the WMU Waldo Library, again for free. A few bum the books off of friends and family. Sometimes there's a book sitting on their shelves which they've "been meaning to read" for a number of years.

And while I wouldn't advocate theft, free books are good.

But what struck me is this is the first definite example of someone reading an e-book, as opposed to hardcover, trade, paperback or audio book. Frankly I've been expecting people to say they've read them electronically, on iPod, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook, Sony, laptop or what have you. But this is the first one.

And then they didn't mention the platform. (grin)

Perhaps next semester I'll do a survey about where they got their books.

On The Other Hand...

Disappointed with many of the Topic 2 Worksheets whereupon the students use their car to take real world data and then analyze it. I'd warned them once that Physics pedagogy research shows that many Physics students believe one thing in the classroom and then forget it outside. And the lousy use of calculations, significant figures and just wrong application of Physics equations and variables afflicted maybe half the class.

And yet as a class they did outstanding work on their Final Exam, taken the day after they turned in their worksheets. I guess it is true -- Physics doesn't apply to the real world. (NOT)


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