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Congratulations Are In Order

Delayed from May by the devastating tornado of April 27th, the University of Alabama held its graduation today. Though the campus itself was spared major damage, the city was not. They closed the university, cancelled classes and finals, but begged the families to stay away, because the streets were either impassible or needed.

To their credit, the students volunteered to assist. Cynics might argue that they had nothing else to do, but that doesn't explain the speed and the organizing -- they volunteered to serve when they were needed and didn't have to wait around to be asked.

So congratulations to the 'Bama Class of 2011 -- your graduation is more than just the sum of grades and credit hours. And you shall never forget it... or be forgotten.

It's Only Been Three Months

You can still get copies of Southern Fried Weirdness: Reconstruction or check out other ways to help Alabama relief efforts.

Dr. Phil
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