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Holland Again

For The Second Time...

... in just over a year, President Obama came to the heart of conservative Michigan and visited a new technology battery plant in Holland, Michigan on Thursday. Holland has two advanced battery plants, and Michigan has several others, so it's a promising direction as hybrid and all-electric vehicles become part of the practical mix on our roads.

Rather than motorcade across West Michigan, the President traveled by helicopter from Air Force One at the Gerald R. Ford Kent County International Airport in Grand Rapids to the small Tulip City Airport in Holland -- and right next door to Johnson Controls.

Pundits will no doubt talk about the closed invite list -- as if that doesn't happen at Presidential events. Or that Republican lawmakers weren't there -- some weren't invited, others declined. Or that he brought up the divisiveness in Washington -- as if that hasn't been the two-ton bloated hippo crowding the room for the last month. Even when interviewed on the local NPR station, the Holland mayor couldn't bring himself to mention the evil word "stimulus", even though that's why his city has been spotlighted twice in thirteen months by the White House. Sigh.

President Barack Obama shakes hands with plant manager Shelly Maciejewski after speaking at the Johnson Controls-Saft Meadowbrook facility in Holland Thursday. In center of photo is Joe Dalum, president of Odyne Systems in Waukesha, WI.(Cory Morse | The Grand Rapids Press)

Because it's all about the jobs, isn't it?

Dr. Phil
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