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I Guess Nine Is Gone

Without Fanfare

So the Greek comic/SF newspaper supplement Εννέα (Nine) is dead. According to Douglas Smith's Foreign Market List they published their last issue back in June 2010 after ten years.

Εννέα (Nine) published two stories of mine and from my contributor's copies, they did a beautiful job.
7. "The Uranium Age" (translated into Greek) in Nine, Issue #421. (3 Sept. 2008)

10. "Your First Real Rocket Ship" (translated into Greek) in Nine, Issue #443. (11 Feb. 2009)
They were a funny market in today's world. No real website. No rejection letters. They just sent you an invoice to sign if they had already published your story. Sometimes way after the fact. (grin)

Alas, I cannot find an index of the stories they published. And neither of my stories has sold in English anywhere, though I keep trying.

Too bad. Nice publication.

Dr. Phil
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