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And Off To Market We Go

Thought I'd update about my writing since I last reported on my sabbatical.
From Friday July 29th to today Tuesday August 9th, I shipped 18 stories to 18 markets -- submissions #360 to #377. Two markets had fast turnarounds and have already rejected, plus the five I had out prior to the binge, means that I have 21 stories out in the wild right now
Well since I wrote the eleven days ago, we're up to submission #385 with 26 stories out there right now, including one new story for Redstone SF's Identity Crisis contest. That's amazing.

Of course there's no guarantee that I'll ever sell another story, but you can't sell if you aren't shoving things under the editor's nose. Most of the 26 markets are pro paying or close to it. Not that I'm "counting my money before the sale", but to indicate these are quality markets.

Now... back to new stories. (grin)

Dr. Phil
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