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A Perfect August Summer Sunday

73°F -- Sunny -- Clear -- Breezes Diminishing to Calm

A friend "accused" me of gloating about the Red Haven peaches yesterday. Which isn't true -- see the comments. (wry grin) So I'm not gloating when I report how lovely the weather is today. Things like this have to be recorded -- I was just reviewing last winter's blizzard reports last night, after all, so there is some serious perspective here. Also I finished today two courses of tetracycline, which amongst antibiotics is annoying because of the requirement to stay out of the sun.

The weather will pop back up to the 80s and humid thunderstorms by midweek, but meanwhile we'll have another day of this tomorrow. As opposed to Greensboro NC, where my mother reports that it was 92°F in late afternoon, only by dint of clouds rolling in to block the sun. The humidity down there makes breathing resemble drowning -- ugh.

With it cooling now that the sun has set, the crickets are cricking at a sedate pace, slower than the other day. A few minutes ago a tiny bird landed on the railing of our rear deck, looked at us through the screened door and gave us what-for for a moment without any real venom. Even the road traffic has dropped off.

And Mrs. Dr. Phil pulled out another extraordinary rhubarb-peach-blueberry crisp -- this one more blueberry (local frozen) and less peach than the last one, but all good. And another extraordinary Red Haven for lunch. And a tomato sandwich. Yum summer.

Just a nice evening to sit and relax. Cubbies playing in Wrigley on ESPN versus their arch rival Cards.


Dr. Phil
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