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The Nerve Gas of Some People

It's 54°F Outside and Calm

So why are we buttoned up in the house at 11:30 at night with the windows closed and the AC on after such a glorious day?

Because some sonofabitch is the neighborhood with a burning barrel has been burning plastics and the stench has settled into the outside air with no breeze to disburse it.

How stupid do you have to be? Burning plastic is not only illegal and smells bad, the gasses produced are not healthy. Alas, because there's no breeze we cannot tell the direction, and with the slow drift, there's been plenty of time for the burning barrels on either side of us to go out before the smell wandered in. Or it's from further on -- can't tell. Oh, and for the record, we do not have a burning barrel on our own. We like to breathe.

Thank you so very much for fucking up our air.

Dr. Phil

UPDATE: At 7am the smell was still outside -- dead calm air near the dew point made it linger. Thankfully by 11am, the sun had burned it off and we can resume reveling in open summer windows. Bastards.
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