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Nuts and Bolts and Writing

I'm Alive

That's official, by the way. Had the annual physical today and my doctor was pleased with some progress on some outstanding issues. (grin)

Two Thoughts on Writers and Writing

Three, actually if you count the nice piece I read the other day and failed to record the URL asking the question about whether you want to write or be a writer. (triple-word-score-grin)

Ken Schneyer talks about the mixed emotions we can have about the Jealousy - Envy - Regret of our writing and the success of others. In particular, he addressed the question of regret over not starting earlier. I think, though, that everyone's mileage is different. In my case:
I "could" have started submitting stories in 1976. Well, no I couldn't -- I had notes and ideas, but no writing.

I "could" have submitted stories in 1985, but they were pretty raw. In 1990 I started writing a novel -- that one isn't done but it spawned my 29th century and half my stories. In 1997 I started on a tear -- and when I discovered that writers were worried about word count, I checked and this second "novel" was three-quarters done... at 1.5 million words.

I started submitting with a 5000 word story in June 2002. It helped get me in Clarion and finally sold six years later on its 11th outing.

Yeah, I could've started earlier, but it wouldn't have been the same.

Then Tobias Buckell wrote on milestones versus goals. Or the difference over which things you can and cannot control.

If you're a writer -- or want to be -- you should read these two pieces.

Which Brings Us To...

Assuming my stats are right, my 388th submission today is my 300th commercial submission and the 30th in the month since my sabbatical began. All I can control is what I write and taking charge of sending it out.

Still have 24 stories out in the world tonight. Better than lottery tickets. (double-edged-grin)

And the Velveeta? That was lunch. The cheese, that is, in a tomato sandwich. Mmm... summer.

Dr. Phil
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