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Summer's Last Weekend

Awash In Produce

Sigh. The Red Haven peaches came in on the 20th. They smell right, they taste right, they're juicy and perfect.

(Click on picture for larger)

Last week I went sent on a mission to the Potter's family farmstand for more peaches and tomatoes. Not only did they still have Red Havens, but they still has some of the bumper crop of blueberries -- so I left a "still life" of samples on the counter for when Mrs. Dr. Phil came home.

Last day of August's Still Life With Fruits (Click on picture for larger)

Saturday, more Red Haven peaches, tomatoes, corn and...

delicate fresh raspberries, kept in a fridge to keep the flies off them -- note there were more raspberries in the basket when I bought them... hmmm

Besides eating peaches, corn on the cob and the beloved tomato sandwiches of summer, Mrs. Dr. Phil has been baking.

A key lime pie and one of a series of rhubarb-blueberry crisps -- in progress (grin)

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is a funny holiday, which we celebrate more in the U.S. with a last hurrah of vacation or just a three-day weekend, than celebrate labor. Not surprising in a time with many anti-union sentiments out there, many denigrating some of our hard working people and many without jobs or good jobs. For a serious discussion, read my good friend Jim Wright's post on those good old labor days.

But in the spirit of relaxing on the Internet, here's my kitty Sam, working as hard as he can.

There's no bad news in the world when you can cover your eyes with your paw.

Dr. Phil
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