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Off To See Poor Richard's

Oh Yum

Needed to grab a bite to eat after picking up Mrs. Dr. Phil at work. So we bopped over to Mugshots right in Allendale for a second visit. Gotta love a place that features fried local asparagus. And look on the specials board -- last time we talked to the owner of doing a burger sampler. And there it is. Okay, let's guild the lily and try their onion rings this time.

You know how I judge an onion ring? It needs a great breading and not too much grease hanging around. But the onions themselves have to still be rings, tasty, but able to bite through. Nothing I hate more than trying to bite an onion ring and having the whole damned thing come out of the breading -- or those fake onion rings made with pulverized onions. Had no complaints with these.

Owner stopped by again. They're about to come out with their fall menu. We'll be back.

Benjamin Franklin - Leader Extraordinaire - A Constitution Day Event
Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, 7pm

Historian Gleaves Whitney of the GVSU Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies gave a talk on that extraordinary British American patriot, Ben Franklin:
America was fortunate that Ben Franklin was one of its founders. Although his origins were humble, ambition and talent carried him far in both the U.S. and Europe. No other middle-class human being has risen to such an array of leadership positions. Franklin led our nation as a best-selling author, businessman, scientist, inventor, educator, philanthropist, statesman, spy, and more. In this talk, we will explore all the ways Franklin helped found our nation -- and continues to inspire us today.

Franklin was a world-famous delegate at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, and he helped make sure the new frame of government was ratified in the 13 states.
Franklin is such a personal hero of mine. We might have to pop in the DVD of 1776 pretty soon. (grin)

To hear the list of his successes (and failures) is pretty damned impressive. At question time, I asked something along the lines of: "As a rich British entrepreneur, Franklin clearly understood the English money system. But then he came up with the logical and rational decimal coin system for America, which inspired the French revolutionaries to invent the metric system. Could you comment." And Gleaves said that I had pretty much said it all -- which the audience loved. And then he made a few more comments, but it wasn't quite what I was hoping to get some analysis on. (grin) Talking about Franklin's role in the decimal coin system and the metric system is something I do with my introductory classes every year -- I guess I hoped to gain a new story. (double-grin)

Other than a GVSU student reporter, we were practically the youngest people there. Despite the sponsorship with GVSU, I was disappointed that we didn't see the students show up as they do at Loosemore Auditorium just a couple of blocks away. Come on, guys, if you can make it as far as the Burger King, you could go two more blocks to the Ford Museum. For them, a missed opportunity -- for us, a lovely hour.

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