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The Change of Seasons

The Cool Off Continues

The West Michigan weather has trended towards highs in the 60s and 70s of late. Lows in 30s, 40s and 50s. In the space of a week, we've gone from light use of the AC to light use of the furnace. Funny, I used to recall stretches of spring and fall with neither running, just open windows.

Tuesday there was the smell of smoke in the air. Turned out not to be local, but from the plume of the big fire in the Boundary Waters area of northern Minnesota.

Wednesday and Thursday nights we had frost warnings. I thought we'd missed that on Thursday morning, except when I came back from dropping Mrs. Dr. Phil at work, I realized that part of the roof was stark white. Despite running the heat, the new roof from last year is well insulated, the white patch ending in a knife edge where the shadow ended and the sun melted the frost. Huh.

That night also knocked down a lot of the late summer bug noises. Last night there was one lonely cricket in the front yard. For the first time in months I could hear the distant frogs. The milkweed leaves have all sagged now.

Confusion At The Pump

Gas prices have been changing daily, running roughly $3.78.9 ± 0.15. Yesterday regular was $3.69.9/gal, the differential between grades was 11¢ as it's been all summer.

I've been going out late in the afternoon a lot. At 4pm all the bays at the gas station have been stacked up this week. Guess I never noticed this trend before.

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