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I enjoy firing up Solitaire in Windows for a few minutes between tasks. Usually I try to do something like play as fast as I can, or play mindlessly without strategy, or adopt rules for deciding between choices. But usually there is no point in playing the game all the way through.

Anyway, I was just playing on my Sony VAIO S270P laptop, which runs a 1.7GHz Pentium-M chipset, and was amused that somewhere in the past five years Microsoft finally fixed an oddity in Solitaire. The little animation at the end of the game originally ran on much slower machines many Windows ago. And there was never any adjustment to the timing, so it would just ZOOP! by even on 200MHz machines. But they've apparently realized how dumb this looked and put a timing delay in the steps, so it works just fine in Windows XP Pro now on, what is for me, a very hot machine.

It's important to test these things from time to time.

Thought you should know.

Dr. Phil

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