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Until The End Of The World Comes To Life

The Other Science Story Of The Week

Everyone is talking about the possible faster-than-light neutrinos from CERN. But there's a lot of science still to do -- and I'm skeptical of trying to measure the distance/time calculations depending on the GPS system. Not sure the 60 nanoseconds are really outside the error bars. We'll see.

But the story about the "end of the world" isn't about killer particles from CERN. Rather I want to reference Wim Wender's Until the End of the World from 1999.

This is one of my favorite films of all time -- and I've only seen the "short" 158 minute version. One of the plots in the movie involves a brain scanning device that shows images being "seen" inside the human brain.

Well, it may not be SF any more. According to the news story, researchers at Berkeley have used functional MRI to analyze the brains of people being shown a video.

Here's what they showed and what they got:

And here's one of the images generated for Until the End of the World:

Seems to me that life may be imitating art.

Now -- don't get addicted to your dreams. (grin)

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