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Indian Summer 2011 Photos 1

September Was A Little Rough But October Is Lovely

We've had many continuous days of warm sunshine -- the last three days have been 80°F and higher. Lots of late summer/early autumn bug noises out here in the country. Not deep blue clear skies, but pretty nice. Haven't yet broken down and bought any 52mm or 62mm Nikon circular polarizers to go with the Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n camera, so we'll just have to deal with weak blue skies in Ulead PhotoImpact.

The camera gave me an error message in the field yesterday, so when I got home I took a quick picture of the last of our summer tomatoes. Turned out the new CF card hadn't been fully seated and the Kodak was smart enough to hold the field picture in the buffer and saved it, so I lost nothing.

The Harmony peaches were a pretty good deal for several weeks and after the wonderful Red Havens. This week they had small All-Star peaches which weren't very nice -- a little mealy and tasted more like plums than peaches -- but these Michigan nectarines were fully ripe and first rate. Very sweet and peach-like.

Coming back out of Allendale I wanted to shoot the big fields of field corn which were partially harvested. Can't decide if I like the corner shot... (Click on photo for larger)

... or the edge shot better. (Click on photo for larger)

We're still a week or two away from peak fall colors, but how can you waste an 80° sunny day with a camera and a big lens and not look for some colorful trees? This one was overlooking a harvested pumpkin patch. (Click on photo for larger)

A little further on the same field had this line of color. (Click on photo for larger)

Finally we have the pair of placid horses that live a mile or two down the road from us. Actually I'd stopped to shoot this really nice orange tree -- unfortunately the AutoFocus picked up a sapling in front of the tree and I didn't realize that until I had the image on the computer. But the horses were sort of walking towards me, so I moved to get this really pleasant pastoral picture. (Click on photo for larger)

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