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Indian Summer 2011 Photos 2

The Annual Fall Shut Down Of Nature Continues

After posting Part 1 two weeks ago, I've two more weeks of photos to post. Technically, these are more Late Autumn photos and not Indian Summer, as the warm sunny weather has fled us. In fact, the day after the previous shoot it was already colder and grayer. All of these were shot with a 70-300mm f4.5-5.6D ED AF-Nikkor on the Kodak Pro SLR/n.

The full milkweed pods began bursting and spreading out the fluffy white seeds to spread to make next year's Monarch butterflies in our front yard. (Click on photo for larger)

A week ago Friday I went out in search of some of the remaining fall colors. Just as I shot this little leaf, the sun came out and I shot it again. (Click on photo for larger)

Some of the trees I'd been waiting to get color just faded. But the emerging sun lit up this stand of trees beyond the horses' field. (Click on photo for larger)

Home again, the sun was playing games with the clouds. Thought I'd try to shoot into the sun -- always interesting to see what kinds of flare you can get with modern multi-coated optics. (grin) (Click on photo for larger)

This is our road on a cold dull late fall day -- Friday -- with all the color seemed to have drained out of everything. A far cry from the vibrant colors before. Of course we had a fierce two days of 30-40 mph winds and heavy rains, which took out a lot of the leaves. (Click on photo for larger)

I'd parked near the horses I photographed before. These two were grazing and so I set up a shot. But one decided to look up from the grass and ask me what I was doing. Nice horses. (Click on photo for larger)

Both Roads Less Traveled. (Click on photo for larger)

Not all the color was drained out of the fall. These flowers in Zeeland were glowing, even on a gray day. (Click on photo for larger)

This is the same corn field as two weeks ago. I'd seen the harvester working the field the other day, but it was out of position for a picture. So on Saturday I saw that it was back. I couldn't park and get the Kodak SLR/n out of the camera bag in time to shoot the snouts emerge from the northern edge of the field -- very cool! But I did shoot them heading south again, just in time to swing the boom out and offload some of the corn to the escort tractor. (John) Deere in the Field Corn. (Click on photo for larger)

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