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And It's A One Game World Series

It May Not Be The World Series We Wanted...

Okay, so the Cubs aren't in it -- it's the only baseball LJ icon I've got. (grin)

We loved the Middle of America LCS -- NO Yankees, no East or West Coast teams. Frankly we wanted the Lake Michigan Series -- Milwaukee versus Detroit. Didn't happen. Sigh. In fact we got the opposite card. But not to worry.

... But The One We've Got Is A Humdinger

We've enjoyed just about every post-season game we've seen. And it's been a terrific World Series. And with the Cardinals trailing 3 games to 2, and down two runs in the bottom of the ninth, it took some real heroic baseball to tie it. They did. Extra innings! Apparently first extra inning World Series game since the White Sox and Astros a few years ago. Then it was a nail biter until the Cardinals won it 10-9 in the bottom of the 11th inning, ending at 12:40am EDT.

First Game 7 required in nine years. That Wednesday was rained out means Game 7 gets to be Friday night. Let the kids stay up for this one.

And maybe we'll have extra innings once again. (grin)

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