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Indian Summer 2011 Photos 3

North and East...

The Fall 2011 color shoots continue, with a run I made on Thursday to get some watch batteries installed. They'd forecast rain late in the afternoon, but I was dodging dark clouds and bits of rain on and off for the outbound leg of the trip. Some really dramatic clouds east of Allendale, where you could see the rain falling, but with some genius in a Toyota insisting on tailgating me -- when I can't see your headlights in the rear window of a Blazer, you're too close at 55mph -- and boxed in on the right side, I wasn't able to pull over and get a shot. But I did want to go up to Lamont and then take Arthur/6 Mile Road over to Alpine. As before, all shots were made with a 70-300mm f4.5-5.6D ED AF-Nikkor on the Kodak Pro SLR/n -- a few have been cropped.

Lamont on the Grand has a lovely tree lined "boulevard", but as I pulled over in front of the Post Office, I had to miss this long puddle. While waiting for the sun to come back out and light up the trees, I liked this contrast been the dark rain puddle and the blue skies and white puffy clouds. (Click on photo for larger)

The light was perfect when I stopped, but had to wait and wait for it to return. Finally I took this shot, which gives you some of Lamont's fall flavor. (Click on photo for larger)

No sooner had I packed up the camera and got into the Blazer when the Sun blazed forth and really lit up the yellow tree. So I got back out and tried again. (Click on photo for larger)

The yellows and oranges of the falling leaves have been especially brilliant this autumn and as I got to Alpine Avenue I was struck with these yellows... oh, they're not leaves? It's technology and not natural? No problem. These traffic lights are still striking. These are the old ones just removed, as the cherry picker was just leaving. I particularly liked how the low angle sunlight in the lens/reflector makes the one light appear green. The new lights should be the LED types -- they're much brighter and more efficient, but they aren't warm enough to melt the snow and ice which accumulate on the housings and block the lenses. Ah the Law of Unintended Consequences.

ALT Caption: Traffic lights trying to cross a busy highway. (grin)
(Click on photo for larger)

A few more to come another time.

Dr. Phil
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