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NORTHWESTERN 28 Nebraska 25

Two things. Thing the First -- If it wasn't for our cable getting the Big Ten Network, I'd probably never get to see NU play football. Thing the Second -- Most of the time getting to see My Teams is a losing proposition. They can be winning and the moment I tune in, it all derails. Not that the Wildcats can't win a game. But we're the smallest school in the Big Ten and a tough private school to boot, so it ain't easy.

Then there's whole Twelve Teams in the Big Ten conference. This year we welcomed the University of Nebraska. Back in the 60s and 70s, when all the important bowl games were crowded on New Year's Day -- as is proper -- I have many memories of watching the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the middle of the afternoon. Of course the danger of letting Nebraska in is they could run the table over the traditional Big Ten teams.

So when I saw that at 3:30 on Saturday that BTN was going to show Northwestern at Nebraska, I knew I had to watch the game. And prepared to be pummeled.

But that's not what happened. Northwestern scored first and managed to hang on for the 28-25 win. Nebraska tried the ol' onside kick after their last score. The problem with the onside kick is that it's a trick play that everyone knows it's coming. To mix things up, they tried kicking to the wrong side, but NU smothered the ball, took a knee and headed off with the win.

A nice afternoon when nursing a cold.

Go you Northwestern...

Dr. Phil
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