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Dear Ohio...

Monday's Rain Was Really Rather Rude

Drove pretty much the whole length of the state on I-75. The spiffy new weather display at the new travel plaza on the Ohio Turnpike made it look like when I made the right turn and headed south that I'd be out of the rain. Uh, no.

Trying to drive south at highway speeds while rain is going sideways at 50-60 mph gusts isn't impossible. People weren't being idiots and the AWD plus the excellent Goodyear Silent Armor tires kept up tracking straight. But it was quite inhospitable of you. Especially as the storm front was on a diagonal, so I kept running through the squall line over and over and over... I'd notice the outside temperature would jump up to 70°F-74°F and I'd know I'd be going through it again.

Sometimes you just aren't sure what the best tactic is. Sure, I could've pulled over in Dayton, except there was construction, and I wasn't sure there WAS a shoulder. Also, getting off at an exit onto surface streets you don't know and can't see isn't a better option than having decent lane marker reflectors on an Interstate highway. (grin)

Fortunately I didn't have to test whether the storm drains back up on I-75 through Cincinnati and run into deep water without seeing it. But Kentucky last night was much more friendly.

Just sayin'.

Dr. Phil
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