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On Shipping Coals to Newcastle


A crew of four gentlemen from Nelson's (Wendy's boss) church based residential rehab program have just left, along with a couple of Wendy's friends, transporting a whole U-Haul and a small trailer of furniture and boxes and gear to the Salvation Army. From 10-3 much of the apartment has been emptied. Given Wendy's proclivity to gather tons of Christmas decorations, craft & sewing supplies, books, CDs, records, DVDs, kitchen gear and every Tupperware™ product known to Man (some of it brand spanking new)... there are going to be some very happy people who will be able to have things. We'd asked the apartment people if the washer & dryer were theirs or Wendy's -- they weren't sure. But today they got back to us and they weren't theirs, so someone will be able to have a nice washer & dryer as well.

Mounds Of Data

I had planned on going through Wendy's CDs, but there were too many. We pulled all the DVDs, since I knew she had who sets of things like Babylon 5, which we don't have. But there are a lot of those. And so many books...

I pulled some of the ones I knew were signed. And the yearbooks that Wendy and Paul worked on. But the four guys from the Covenant House were a riot. They couldn't believe the range of books that Wendy had. I told them they could take any and all they wanted. So all the Star Wars tie-in novels. And Robert Jordan and David Weber and Michael Crichton. I think the Twilight books went with them, too. (grin) As well as some of the books on Watergate (!!) and politics.

And when I told them that they could take any CDs they wanted, too, they were thrilled. And when the two big boxes of vinyl showed up, the one guy who has his mom's record player from 1972 snatched those all up. "Do you think there's any Led Zeppelin?" Perhaps. Definitely The Beatles, though. And Jethro Tull. And other amazing things.

Adam, one of the SF fans, was impressed that I wrote SF. So when I found a stack of printouts of stories of mine, mostly unpublished, I added those to their haul. I wasn't going to bring those back to Michigan or North Carolina, because we have those stories. And I didn't want to throw them out, after all. (grin)

All in all, a good day's work.

Dr. Phil
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