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Catching Up On Random Goodness

Was cruising Neil Gaiman's blogsite and he mentioned this: Too weird for words.

And for those of us professing to be writers, here are some t-shirts (in standard manuscript format).

Also I've made a correction to the recent entry about Clarion classmate
Marjorie M. Liu, so the picture displays properly now. In case you missed it. (I figured out that it was displaying in those browser sessions which had my Blogger cookie set -- I usually work with both Netscape and Firefox open and couldn't figure out why it would display in one but not the other -- and differently on different machines at home and at the office.)

Speaking of the office, time is running out. Friday 16 December is the last day WMU will be open for 2005, and then it'll be all cold 'n dark 'n unplowed until about Thursday 5 January 2006. Have to work out of the home. What a shame...

Dr. Phil

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