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"It's Time To Play The Music..."

Despite The Rain

We needed to get out of the house and rack up at least one movie this holiday weekend. We've been known to do double-features on Thanksgiving Day itself, but this year I was catching up on sleep after my Atlanta road trip.

It was time for Muppets.

The Muppets [PG]
Holland 7 Theatre #2 4:05pm

Totally wrong -- there's no way a 10 gauge wire is sufficient to power... Oh wait. Never mind. It's a MUPPET MOVIE! Ya-aaaaay!

It's been a long time since we've enjoyed the Muppets and they have a lot of history. As a result, we get a lot of cameos of both Muppets and humans. If your favorite Muppet isn't on screen much, don't worry, it's a bewildering array of colors and felt and joy -- no problem. It's like any great franchise, like Star Trek -- they don't have to explain everything.

And it's a musical. Great gobs of wonderful, happy, sad and sometimes self-referential musical numbers. The story is mostly immaterial. We have Walter, a young boy in Muppet form who yearns to meet Kermit & Company. His brother and his girlfriend. A pilgrimage to the Muppet Studios in L.A. A devious oil baron played over-the-top by Chris Cooper -- does he ever play really nice guys? A plot to bulldoze the place. A contact and an out clause. A quest to "get the band back together" and "let's put on a show", where we throw in Jack Black for the former and Mickey Rooney for the latter. And, because it's Muppets, things don't quite work out right, except they do.

I was impressed by the vivid sharpness and color of the digital projection. We've never seen Muppets like this before. The theatre wasn't quite full, but it was a big happy crowd with lots of little kids. If the Muppets in the movie were worried about being forgotten, this love letter to Muppet fans will charm the new generation and keep the Rainbow Connection alive.

Highly Recommended... for those in the know.

Dr. Phil
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