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All 3D All The Time

What A Coincidence

Yesterday we went to see Hugo in 3D. So what were the odds that we'd see movie trailers aimed at kids and/or in 3D?

Why YES -- these are all coming in 3D.

So... how about The Pirates? From the animators of Chicken Run and Wallace and Grommit. Please? I haven't laughed so hard during a trailer EVER!

The next trailer was Yet Another Pirate Opening. But we've seen this before, it's for Spielberg's Tintin. Looks like fun. But I am waiting to hear from someone who is a longtime Tintin fan, preferably from Europe, as to whether they've captured this right. Americans by and large have never taken to Tintin.

The Lorax -- Oh thank god that it's not a Dr. Seusss live-action movie with Jim Carrey or Mike Myers. Having said that, the animated artwork looks good, but I got no hint of Dr. Seuss-ish dialogue.

Revise, Revise, Revise

Beauty and the Beast in 3D makes a January return. Automatic Cash Machine, but sadly it looks a little dated. Disney is capable of screwing things up, so we'll pass.

It's been a few years since George Lucas has messed with us, so no surprise that Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace is getting the 3D treatment. I'm sure many will ban this. But given the popularity of the Star Wars merchandise -- Star Wars LEGO I'm looking at you -- it makes tremendous sense to introduce the youngsters to Star Wars on the big screen. And despite Jar-Jar Who Shall Not Be Named, compared to Episode III, Episode I has some great scenes. And the 3D-ization clips we saw looked good. I'd expect Lucas to technically tweak this right.

15 April 1912 + 100 Years

Titanic. After Avatar, does anyone question James Cameron's technical understanding of 3D? Obviously it's been years since Dr. Phil has seen one of his favoritest movies on the big screen. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it the many times I saw it first-run. And it'll be a century since the sinking. Will there be midnight showings designed to mark the 2:20am sinking? (evil grin)

I am so there. (swoon)

Have They Got This Now?

At Celebration Theatre, they were using a different 3D projection system. Certainly Hugo looked outstanding. And the two big retro converted films have heavy CGI use, which may facilitate the 3D conversion process. So I haven't given up on 3D if done right by competent filmmakers. But if this flight of movies tanks, I think Hollywood will rethink 3D as a cash conversion process.

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