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Sunlit Brass


I was sitting the bathroom and happened to notice how the sun was gleaming off the brass doorknobs. So when I was done I went and grabbed a camera -- and the sun disappeared behind the only damned cloud in the sky. For seven minutes. Finally the sun came out again.

The real problem is that the camera doesn't have the dynamic range to show what I could see. So I took two shots. Sometime I'll try to Frankenstein them together, but the first one gives you something of the drama.

Nikon D1X and 18-55mm VR DX AF-Nikkor at 55mm, 200 ISO, exposed for the door edge, brass underexposed. (Click on photo for larger)

The second lacks the impact of the first, but gives you some idea of the surrounding details.

Nikon D1X and 18-55mm VR DX AF-Nikkor at 55mm, 200 ISO, exposed for the side wood, brass and edges overexposed. (Click on photo for larger)

Frankly, now that I see the two pictures by themselves in the LJ preview, I definitely like the first one a lot more than when I had too many choices from the frames I shot. With auto exposure and image software, we get so used to getting our way that one tends to forget that there were things that film, even great film like Kodachrome 64 Professional, couldn't get right. The eye has a really great sensor... (grin) And the embedded software can make both fond memories and excuses out of anything. (double-exposed-grin)

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