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Arrived and Soft Landing

So There I Was, Minding My Own Business

When LiveJournal decided to hork up Release 88 and annoy a whole lotta users -- and spent most of this week ignoring 20,000 comments.

This drove me to finally take a gander at Dreamwidth.

Import Successful

Apparently a lot of other LJ users thought so, too. Dreamwidth responded by putting new servers online to handle the load and post updates regarding the queue of LJ imports. Still, it took but 14 hours or so to get my place in the queue and so I have a duplicate of all my posts, comments and icons on my shiny new DW Paid Premium account.

Go me.

Is This The End?

I surely hope not.

And I'm stubborn enough to stick with LJ for the moment. I'll investigate crossposting,*** etc., but dammit, it's Christmas and I have a bunch of end of the year stuff that needs to be done and I resent LJ picking now to fuck up customer relations.

But I will be checking in here, so if you're on DW and need to friend, go right ahead. -- [personal profile] dr_phil_physics .

Dr. Phil

*** - Well, the Crosspost This Entry checkbox is right there, might as well try this. (And it showed up on LJ.)
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