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Home For The Holidays

We're Home

That might not seem to be much of a surprise, but we'd spent nine days on the road in order to visit with my mother in Greensboro NC. Though we had a bunch of rain, it wasn't nearly as bad as the torrents in Ohio last month, and we actually had decent weather in Greensboro.

Once I was able the do the drive on one fell swoop each way -- these days it's a two-day run. So we were driving on Wednesday and Thursday the last two weeks. Traffic, for the most part, was relatively light, at least in our direction. Part of out plan to avoid the heaviest travel days. Wednesday we scored two personal sized pizzas at a Pizzeria Uno's kiosk on the West Virginia Turnpike -- they keep them cold and toast them usually, but we knew the motel in Georgetown KY had a microwave, so we put them cold in the cooler bag and had an acceptable dinner without going out.

Ohio made itself known as a state trooper pulled us over, ostensibly as we were (1) driving close to the speed limit and (2) drifting close to the "white fog line". Neither of which is a violation, I might add, especially as most of the traffic was going fast and a number of cars and trucks were driving on or over the white line. I'll admit to cheating a bit on the right side of the lane from time to time, as the Bravada was loaded enough to block the rearview mirror and so I was depending on the side mirrors, while watching out for the morons. There were a lot of troopers on I-75 -- I think they were pulling over out-of-state plates. There was no ticket involved, since no crime occurred. We were polite.

Eventually we made our traditional stop at the Shell in Wayland 45 minutes from home and got some Jimmy John's for Thursday's supper. Home at 6:58pm and soon we were unloaded, fed and getting schmoozed by Sam.

Christmas Eve

It was time for the annual DVD of Love Actually earlier tonight, and now we have TBS' A Christmas Story on, marking the seasonal run up as complete.

Merry Christmas to all either participating or happy to receive good wishes.

Dr. Phil
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