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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like, Well, Thanksgiving...

Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve dawned with a new blanket of snow -- it's been clear here since we got back -- about an inch on the deck and a nice covering of the ground. But it's not below freezing and we had a high clear blue sky yesterday, so by this morning it was all gone save for in some shadows. And by afternoon it was definitely far from a Currier & Ives snowy Christmas scene. (grin)

Mrs. Dr. Phil took a picture of me and my Mother on Wednesday, so here's proof we were in Greensboro.

Dr. Phil and Dr. Phil's Mother just before we drove off.

Mrs. Dr. Phil got a package from a friend who is in Germany right now, with a Dresden Christstollen -- which immediately set up a Christmas morning face-off with Mrs. Dr. Phil's own wonderful stollen.

Mrs. Dr. Phil's stollen (R) and a German stollen (L) -- Let the tasting battles begin!

The whole breakfast including two kinds of stollen, Allendale Meat Market kielbasa, clementines & bananas, and the traditional Before Noon Hit Of Christmas Chocolate (Godiva).

The Christmas Cat

Sam... Sam... Sam... Will you turn towards the camera?

Okay fine, cat, look at something else. Ignore me. I'll still put your picture on the Internet.

Well, Sam, we love you anyway so he just got fed. And we got a small 10 lb. turkey for free using our grocery store "points", which is in the oven Right Now. We've been watching Mythbusters marathon all day. But tonight we get Bears and Packers. No losers for us!

Dr. Phil
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