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New Year's Traditions

For Good Luck

Reposting my answer to j_cheney's request for people's New Year's good luck traditions
(1) Eggnog at midnight. With rum or brandy if one wishes.

(2) Fish on New Year's Day -- which in my family has always been pickled herring bits in wine sauce.

For those with a cast iron stomach, one has eggnog AND pickled herring at midnight. Mrs. Dr. Phil isn't convinced. My theory is after having hit your gut like a bomb, if that's the worst thing to happen in the new year -- it's good luck!

Although I have to say I'm not sure WHAT would've helped against 2011. (grin)

Dr. Phil

Triscuits go nicely with the herring, though the rye Triscuits are a bit over the top upon the eggnog and fish.

How this got started, I'm not sure. Guess I insisted that one shouldn't tempt fate and wait til lunch to get in the herring -- though my way you can STILL have a cheese and herring sandwich at lunch, too, for extra benefits.

We have the new jar of herring. Hopefully we can find a small container of nog at the store on Saturday. Because all one needs is some, not a lot of eggnog. Especially with holiday meals. (full grin)

Dr. Phil
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