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New Year's Day (Unobserved)

Welcome to 2012!

At long last the somewhat crappy miserable year that was 2011 is done. Yay. Alas, New Year's Day as a single holiday has been ruined by the twin conspiracies of the calendar and greedy graspy capitalists. Once New Year's Day included a solid day of college bowl games, plus the Rose Parade, and the last several years an outdoors NHL hockey game. But 1 January 2012 is a Sunday, can't do that stuff until Monday.

Then everyone wanted their bowl game to be shown unopposed and they also created this worthless BCS Bowl Championship Series to create a mythical NCAA Division I "national champion", so the big bowl games are no longer on New Year's -- or January 2nd this year -- and the bowl games are spread out until MONDAY January 9th. Ridiculous!

Anyway, we welcomed in the New Year with the traditional eggnog -- and then I had some pickled herring. Mrs. Dr. Phil has given up on combining these two good luck foods from my family in one sitting. As I said the other day (DW), "My theory is after having hit your gut like a bomb, if that's the worst thing to happen in the new year -- it's good luck!"

Our NY/Sunday morning breakfast downstairs with Sam and the Sunday paper had two kinds of stollen, as did Christmas' breakfast (DW), though we added kumquats but moved the kielbasa to lunch. The last few years we've had Shrimp Sauterne for dinner, but this year we had a salmon and mushroom dish -- very yummy and more fish for luck! Oh, and Iron Chef tonight is also farm raised Atlantic salmon. (competitive grin)

The sabbatical is, I suppose, over. Classes begin Monday January 9th. I shall have to get serious about prep. And Epic ConFusion is in like three weeks -- 20-22 January 2012 -- and I have to blog about my panels. So I suppose I have to get busy. So much for vacation days... (grin)

Happy New Year, good friends. May you have a good year even if you didn't scarf down fish. Buckle your seatbelt and make sure your seat is in the upright and locked position. The year is off to a start.

Dr. Phil
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