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New Year's Day (Observed)

In The Heart Of The Storm

So the winter storm warning/watch/whatever mentioned yesterday (DW) has been extended to Tuesday morning at 5am. Truth be told, there is a persistent training band of snow running along the lakeshore from Whitehall south to Holland and beyond. And there are serious blizzard warnings for north of us and south of us -- up to 20" of snow. But Allendale? We've been having in-and-out sunshine all day.

2pm looking Southeast (Click photo for larger)

2pm looking Southwest -- Yup, we'll never make it out of the driveway alive at this rate. (Click photo for larger)

The Bear

Coming back in I decided to snap a picture of The Bear. He was on the door in the motel when we went to Menominee WI for Mark and Carrie's wedding back in like 1987 -- I had photographed the wedding, so we were part of the wedding party. (grin) We brought him back to Laurium and put him on the front door inside the front porch -- now he lives on the back door we use coming in from the garage. Very jaunty. Mrs. Dr. Phil had put a bow on him this Christmas. Sometimes The Bear can make you smile as you trudge up the stairs from a long day or a long drive. (grin)

Still looking pretty spiffy for holidays, after some 24 years.

Bowling For The Big Ten

New Year's Day was on a Sunday, and as pointed out yesterday (DW), college football players can't possibly on Sundays. It's a matter of conviction and faith, as Sundays from September to January are a wholly owned subsidiary of the NFL. (grin)

There are six bowl games today -- five of which feature Big Ten teams: Penn State, Ohio State, Nebraska, Michigan State and Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. Not all of the Big Ten bowl games are today. Michigan plays on Tuesday. Iowa lost to Oklahoma on Friday and Illinois WON against UCLA on Saturday. Northwestern also played on New Year's Eve:
As a result of Saturday’s 33-22 loss to Texas A&M in the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas, the Wildcats dropped to 6-7 on the year, suffering their first losing season since 2006. The bowl loss was their ninth consecutive, and the toy monkey, which wore No. 63 to symbolize the program’s 63-year bowl drought and was going to be destroyed if Northwestern had won Saturday, lived to see another day, actually another year.

And Purdue beat Western Michigan in Detroit in the only bowl game on Michigan soil -- or carpet -- on Tuesday the 27th. That makes ten of the twelve Big Ten teams in bowl games? Minnesota and Indiana are not in the list on ESPN. And as usual, no matter their rankings, most of the Big Ten teams will not triumph. But FIVE Big Ten teams did make it to "New Year's Day" and a sixth in the BCS Rescheduled New Year's Fiasco Bowls -- it is good to be invited. Northwestern has lost nine bowls in a row, tying Notre Dame's national consecutive losing record, having only won its first bowl game at the Rose Bowl some 63 years ago. And Michigan State is right now trading scoring drives with Georgia -- MSU hasn't won a bowl game since 2001.

Ah, fun and festive futility for the holidays. Keeps us honest, I guess. (grin)

Happy New New Year.

Dr. Phil

PS- MSU went for the tie, 27-27, with 19 seconds to go...
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