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First Lines of 2011

An Amusing Meme

via maryrobinette Mary Kowal Robinette:
First lines of 2011

This is one of my favorite memes. It’s a look at the last year, through the first line of my first blog post of each month.

The thing about LJ memes is that you don't always know where it'll take you, so I'm willing to try. I quickly modified this, since my blogging format includes boldface headers to sections, so I give you the header and first line after that, though not the blog entry title. I also didn't include any links. This is all cut-and-paste, typos and all. If you want to see the context or whole posts, or just the whole year, you can go to my 2011 LiveJournal page or 2011 Dreamwidth page. (Yes, when I added Dreamwidth in late December I ported over the whole LJ blog, comments and all, and currently crosspost between LJ and DW.)

Dr. Phil's First Lines of 2011

01 -- Scarce -- Yeah, I haven't posted much in the last six weeks or so.

02 -- IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD -- Well, the weather people in West Michigan have been hyping this winter storm for nearly a week.

03 -- Yes, I've Been Very Quiet Here Lately -- I just made it back from my third round-trip drive to Greensboro NC, after the ones on Thanksgiving and New Years.

04 -- Ah, The Capriciousness Of Reality -- As we currently watch our local PBS rerun of Ken Burns' awesome The Civil War, the men's NCAA Division I basketball championship has just gotten underway.

05 -- Forty Years Ago... -- Saturday 1 May 1971, the results of the 1970 Railpax bill are the formal start of operations of the National Rail Passenger Corporation, more commonly known as Amtrak.

06 -- Mmm... Pizza -- As regular readers and friends of Dr. Phil know, I am a huge fan of Chicago stuffed pizza.

07 -- Happy Canada Day! -- It's July 1st and that begins a whole month of national holidays.

08 -- Some Awesomeness -- jimhines posted about people who are awesome.

09 -- Milestones Continue To Accumulate -- Today, Saturday 3 September 2011, I shipped my 400th submission to any market.

10 -- October Already? -- September ended cold and rainy and gusty.

11 -- Realms of Fantasy Closing -- I've already written this obituary -- twice -- here and here.

12 -- Writers of the Future 4th Quarter 2011 -- Just got an email from Joni Labaqui that my story "Andromache" has earned a Silver Honorable Mention in the Q4 2011 WOTF contest.


Writing -- 4
After Being On The Road -- 2
Weather -- 2
Other Topics -- 4

Though these don't directly mention teaching, my long commute means I have to stay weather aware, especially in the winter. And in 2011 I made four road trips to Greensboro and one to Atlanta. Since each of those road trips run about ten days and four days of driving, I spent over a month and a half on the road in the service of my family during 2011. And writing!

Well that was amusing to me. (grin) Later I should repeat an old meme -- give the first lines or first paragraphs -- of the stories I worked on in 2011. What about you?

Dr. Phil
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