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One Last Snow Picture

Under The Heading Category Of Things I Can Do Because I Can

This morning the clouds suddenly blew away and as we were downstairs with the Sunday paper, the sky outside became blue and brilliant sunshine blazed in. Alas, before I'd finished today's Sudoku, I realized that to the north that a gray haze and cloud layer had blown in. Soon the sunlight faded and we were in gray clouds to the south as well, with only patchy sunlight.

Too bad, because I was going to shoot some pictures of the white-white snow frosting on the green pine trees with the brilliant blue sky. Not to be. But when we did get upstairs, the sun came out enough that I opened the sliding door and screen door -- SCREE-EEECH! "What is going on out there?" -- and shot some pictures of our back yard and beyond, with this dark gray cloud background.

And when I was uploading the pictures off the Compact Flash card, I realized I could play.

The Amazing Monochromatic Winter Color Scene -- Supersized For Your Enjoyment (Click on photo for larger.)

It's three pictures taken with a normal lens (Nikon D1 and 35-70mm lens at 35mm). Not even a proper panoramic shot -- I'd have done five if I'd planned it -- and not stitched together with any panoramic program, especially because there's a gap between the 2nd and 3rd shots. Told you it was unplanned. Just edited together to give you a sense.

Not nearly as dramatic as the stuff Jim Wright puts on Stonekettle Station from Alaska, but then I'm workin' with what I've got -- which in this stretch of West Michigan is what you see. (grin)

I crack myself up sometimes.

Dr. Phil
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