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WorldCon Hotel Reservations Now Open

The Hyatt Regency Chicago on the Riverwalk

Today ChiCon 7, aka WorldCon 70, set up the link to the Hyatt Regency reservations system. They've got a $145/night rate for single and double rooms, plus the usual additions for taxes.

The convention runs Thursday 30 August 30 to Monday 3 September 2012 -- that Monday is Labor Day, in case you're keeping score.

I've got my membership and my hotel reservation. You?

Further Plotting

For years my sister Wendy tried to get us down to Atlanta over Labor Day for DragonCon. But she was going to come up to Chicago for WorldCon in 2012. Sigh.

Just serving notice that we will have some sort of Wake For Wendy At WorldCon (WFWAWC). I haven't taken a picture yet, but I HAVE received a Viking Boat via There might be some sort of ceremony involving some of Wendy's ashes, the Viking boat and a fuel load of Jack Daniels.... possibly on Thursday night 30 August 2012... I am planning on setting up a dinner at Ron of Japan, which is just a few blocks north of the hotel and the river.

You don't have to attend WorldCon to be a part of WFWAWC -- several members of the UCF in fact already are likely to wake but not con.

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