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More ConFusion Pics

Thanks, Al!

Al Bogdan as previously mentioned (DW) took a nice picture of me after I took a picture of him. (grin) He also took the other photos featured in this post, since as you'll see, I was otherwise busy.

Hmmm, looks like the beard is even whiter than Al's picture from ConFusion 2009.

The Physics of Digital vs. Film Photography

My first ConFusion timeslot was my talk on digital photography, which went very well. Given the room setup, I ended up sitting next to the projector.

This is just after I took the second picture of my audience at the end of the talk. In the background you can see that I ended by pointing out that we need advanced digital cameras in order to post more cat pictures on the Internet. (grin)

Reading with Dr. Phil Kaldon and Ferrett Steinmetz

After Ferret read a story about a brain without a body, I switched my reading to a story about a body without a brain -- set in my usual 29th century military SF universe. This was "Andromache", my Silver Honorable Mention in the Q4 2011 WOTF contest (DW).

Tighter shot shows that I'm reading my story from a Sony eReader, which I've found very effective over the last couple of years. Yes, that is a Pepsi -- it's what the hotel had. (evil grin)

Dr. Phil
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