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New Year's Eve Eve

I've been on the road (or on the wing if you prefer) and while I've been writing entries on my PDA, I haven't uploaded them, 'cause we wuz busy. (grin)

The Jinx Is Intact

Just finished a depressing couple of hours:

(1) Watching Northwestern University jump out to a 22-0 lead against the UCLA Bruins in the "Vitalis" Sun Bowl in El Paso TX.

(2) Wrote all my end-of-year bills and gifts to schools.

(3) Watch UCLA tie NU 22-22.

(4) Run out to the post office and pick up a copy of the new postal rates.

(5) Come back to find UCLA ahead of NU, probably eventually winning the game.

(6) Switched to the Great Lakes Invitational, to find out that Michigan Tech is in the consolation game with Michigan -- MTU ahead 3-2, until I tune in.

(7) Michigan takes 3rd place in GLI. Huskies get squat.

Happy New Year, y'all.

Dr. Phil

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