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A Last Look At ConFusion

Last Sunday -- 22 January 2012

I had my first Sunday panel at 10am -- and kindly did not try to shoot Doselle Young early on a Sunday morning. Sundays are always a tough gig. When I arrived in Salon G, I announced that panelists now outnumbered audience members. Eventually, the audience turned the tide. (grin) And after some probing around, we warmed up to the topic of adapting novels to the small screen -- and ran with that in other directions. (evil grin)

The obligatory picture of Jim C. Hines at an 11am panel on the Future of the Publishing Industry. I swear that some people are so eager to blow up the industry and point to every iteration of the Kindle/iPad/iPhone/Android App/etc., that these panels seem to be on every literary track. But the truth is, we still don't know where this is going. (Click on photo for larger.)

On the stage with our Science Guest of Honor Dr. Harley Thronson (NASA). (Click on photo for larger.)

The audience for my last panel... (Click on photo for larger.)

... on Science and Society. Naturally since no one was in Salon E after us, we ran over. (Click on photo for larger.)

Why is there a Christmas tree lurking in the back of Salon E on the 22nd of January? Wasn't it on the other side of the door the day before? ***

Funny story about the tree. At Saturday's 3pm panel on The Writing Process, someone asked about the Christmas tree. Or was it a Hanukkah bush since it seemed to have a blue-and-white theme. With a group of SF/F writers on the dais, thoughts immediately turned to the idea that it was an alien. That it thought it was in camouflage -- or else dressed as it thought an honored ambassador might dress. I suggested that it had researched us, but it had gotten the calendar wrong.

There's got to be some stories in there.

Another steel gray day driving home. As we pass the exit for MSU in East Lansing, there's fog ahead. (Click on photo for larger.)

But I got home safe and sound -- and Mrs. Dr. Phil had made spaghetti!

Dr. Phil

PS -- Oh, and the ConFusion 2012 webpages have been moved over here to the Stilyagi Air Corps (Ann Arbor) archives.

*** -- It was moved for the Saturday night dance. It didn't move by itself. At least... I don't think it did.
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