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Waiting On Blue Skies

Today Is Blue

But much of January has been overcast. I've wanted a nice blue sky to test the Nikon D1. I know that the first generation CCD sensor tends towards blowing out the highlights. But really, we've had a lot of pictures of gray, gray, gray --like Friday (DW):

Yup. Gray. (Click on photo for larger.)

Even on nice days, we kept getting sunny with monochromatic non-blue skies (DW):

The Amazing Monochromatic Winter Color Scene -- Supersized For Your Enjoyment (Click on photo for larger.)

It's not as if there wasn't any sun, but:

Bright bland sky + backlit = overblown highlights. Just as predicted on the Nikon D1. (Click on photo for larger.)


Wan blue sky -- gold late afternoon light is nice, but not what I wanted. (Click on photo for larger.)

So Wednesday we actually got the sun and clear blue sky I could test as I left the office at 5pm:

(Click on photo for larger.)

And the next day:

Thursday, it was still sunny and blue skies. No, this isn't some sort of fisheye shot...

... it's actually the reflection off the Blazer's back window. Chevy had to do some work the other day and they washed it for once. Couldn't miss that great expanse of gleaming glass. (Click on photo for larger.)

So blue skies work. Check off another test.

Dr. Phil
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