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Mixed Seasons

Wednesday there was word that Ottawa and several other counties were starting their spring breakup season trucking load restrictions. Seems early, but then it's been an odd winter. Wednesday night we had a long soaking rain all night and there's mud. It's looking and starting to smell like that damp, dead grass pre-spring.

It's not as if we haven't been staring down the barrel of a loaded gun. Even back on 27 January it was reported that Lakes Michigan and Superior were essentially ice free. Any storms crossing the lake would have potential to pick up moisture and dump massive lake effect snows. We saw a bit of that last weekend (DW), but with the winds running down the length and not breadth of Lake Michigan, it affected only a narrow band south of us. So halfway through February and no massive storms or great ice formation. Go figure.

End of January 2012 (Click on photo for larger.)

Oddly there is some ice on some of the ponds and small lakes, despite the last several days of temps in the 40s. Last weekend's weather had overnights as low as 9°F -- coupled with the 40mph winds and I suspect a blast chiller effect.

The Gas Report

NPR has run stories of speculation on the refined gasoline market, though whether caused by worries about Greece and the Eurozone or the Iranian threats of blockade are unclear. Yet locally gas prices dropped to $3.24.9/gal. Not sure if the speculators are bunkering current gasoline or future. Not only is the summer blend different and using winter gas in the summer will give you vaporlock, but I thought I heard that there are new gasoline regs for the summer. Be amusing for the greedy to lose their shirts by stocking up on the wrong liquids.

But if I can't explain this week's price drop, I also can't guess about Saturday's 25¢ price jump. I swear they're making this all up as they go. (grin)

Dr. Phil

PS -- And of course the Beatles' tribute band Rain had a big concert last Sunday. (grin)

UPDATE -- Just to clarify, it's wan blue skies after an overcast morning, not raining here today.
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