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Under The Weather

By Thursday or Friday last week, my nose started blocking up and my throat was sore. I knew I was coming down with something. But what? All my Internet friends and columnists have had all sorts of things, including violent flus and weeks of sinuses. Do. Not. Want.

So I've not been posting much. Have managed my driving and my classes, but not much else. But I may survive this. We went out to dinner on Sunday -- more later -- and thankfully I could still taste. Started unblocking the nose yesterday and today -- dinner leftovers were yummy and flavorful tonight. Yay!

Of course when my head gets stuffed I can no longer sleep lying down, so I've been getting good sleep in Mrs. Dr. Phil's recliner. But I want real sleep. By this weekend?

Under The Boot Of The Weather

So... after weeks of mild weather -- we had another long soaking rain last evening -- the weather people are going nuts with a winter storm to warn us about. Problem is, the models are confused and I really don't know of we're talking snow, or deathly icy driving, or SNOW DAY!

I could use a snow day.

Dr. Phil
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