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Who Are They Kidding?

All week I noticed that after gas hit $3.85.9/gal for regular, it dropped a penny a day. At noon on Friday, the Mobil in Allendale was $3.87.9, the Admiral $3.86.9. And Family Fare was $3.99.9/gal. Scri-iiiiiiitch!??

Friday night's news was talking about all the stations going to $3.99.9. As if it wasn't really four dollar a gallon gasoline. West Michigan was pegging some twenty cents higher than the national average -- lucky us.

Meanwhile, the doom mavens who previously swore up and down that we'd have four dollar gasoline by Easter and have been predicting five buck gas for summer, are now shrieking about gas going to $6/gallon. No! You say these things out loud because (a) you give "them" carte blanche to do it or, at the very least, (b) make people "grateful" that we're only bankrupting ourselves for oil profits at five dollar gas.

What's this all about? The Iran thing? The U.S. exporting gasoline thing? The Republican candidates promising $2 and $2.50/gallon gasoline? Who knows?

It's going to be a long summer.


March is asserting itself as a winter month. The high winds and snow forecast for last night, gave us wind, but only a thin coating of icy snow on the west sides of things. Late this afternoon, it got more serious about the snow part. Nothing like further north, though.

Those big tornadic storm tracks all went on their rampages far to the south of us. Does this feel earlier than "usual"?

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