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Spring Break Updating

A Light Period

Coming off the six-month 2011 sabbatical was always going to be a letdown. At least in terms of churning the Invenstory through submissions. Not much activity since January 1st, except for rejections and the odd sale. After a record high of 31 stories out at one time, coming into Spring Break I was down to a mere 11.

Some of this drop came from reviewing some of my longer submission times and discovering that two markets have dropped dead. You don't always hear from dead markets, though in this case there was some notice on their site or blog that all submissions were released. And the hope that maybe they might come back, though few do. A third market announced its indefinite suspension on Sunday. The three markets are Basement Stories, Darwin's Evolution (after it had already evolved from e-zine to anthology publication) and Brain Harvest.

So I've sent out 9 new submissions, including one involving an envelope and postage to Gordon Van Gelder at The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. And one with a rapid turnaround which has already been rejected, leaving me with a grand total of 18 stories out tonight.

Lightspeed, by the way, has recently switched to a new online submission system, after being an early adopter of the Clarkesworld sub system. With the new system I was unable to upload my story as an RTF. Tried writing the RTF from three different programs -- same result. Finally sent a Word 2003 DOC file. I am told that they had file restrictions locked down too tight -- we'll see the next time I need to send something requiring John Joseph Adam's near lightspeed rejection. (grin)

I've also written two bios, updated my website slightly and gotten one of two sets of edits done for my two April publications. Not a lot of new writing, as I've also been busy this week working on my sister's accounts -- don't ask.

Ack! Another rejection just slunk in. Seventeen Dr. Phil stories out in the wild, Seventeen stories out, Take one down, Shop it around...

Dr. Phil
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