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Well This Is A Weekend I'll Never Get Back

It's Partly My Own Damned Fault

Yeah, I know that I deliberately use a non-standard Windows configuration. As in I still use programs that are useful to me, work and are not replaceable. That includes Microsoft Office 95 Professional.

Currently I have three machines running Windows XP Service Pack 2. This year's version of TurboTax wants XP SP3 at a minimum. I debated using Wendy's Windows 7 laptop, but decided on Saturday to bite the bullet and update to Service Pack 3.

It took forever. Worse, in an 18GB C: partition, I was left with 250MB free. I freed up some space and did a little work last night. Also realized I'd done all that work for nothing -- TurboTax also wanted 1.5GB for Microsoft .NET 4. What the hell is in there? The lost Microsoft Help files that actually... help? Anyway, unless I run Partition Magic and re-space the drive, there's no room.

So today I was going to update Wendy's laptop. But first make a PDF for my grader... and Word 95 now crashes during any print attempt. So I resolve to roll back Service Pack 3. And of course Windows said there are no restore points -- even though SP3 made one Saturday. Go to method 2 of 3. Which takes forever.

When I boot back up, the screen is wrong. And I have to download and reinstall the video driver via Sony. Now the screen looks right, the icons went back into their right place.

And Word 95 crashes when you try to print.

Insert thirty seconds of the foul language of your choice.
Gandalf: "[Gollum] hates and loves the Ring, as he hates and loves himself."

Edit that for Dr. Phil and computers and, well, you get the idea. I don't have time for this Mickey Microsoft Mouse crap. I really don't. No one does.

Dr. Phil

PS - Had lovely corned beef and boiled cabbages and potatoes for dinner. Yum.
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