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Two Days, Well Spent

Some people would complain about spending two days running around getting vehicles fixed, but I am always relieved/grateful when such tasks can be done with a minimum of interference with the "important" stuff, like teaching my Physics classes.

Smelly Old Blazer

The old Blazer was in yesterday to look for a fuel leak. They found one -- fuel filter clogged and its gasket seeping. But when I got it home, the garage smelled of gasoline an hour later again, so back I went.

Jeff, the mechanic, figured it would be "a bear" to troubleshoot, but it turned out not to be too bad. The gas tank has been replaced, oh perhaps ten years ago and this old Blazer doesn't have an in-tank fuel pump, so it was just old leaking metal fuel lines. And since they had rubber lines out of the "new" tank, then halfway up on the lift you could get to the lines both from underneath on one end and through the wheel well on the other.

Hopefully this will solve the problem. I don't mind spending money on repairs, but multiple repairs begin to add up. (grin)

Undercoating The Easy Way

When Jeff was showing me the leaky lines, he pointed out that for its age and mileage, things weren't so bad underneath. A series of oil and tranny leaks over the years made for a sort of poor man's undercoating and rust-through just wasn't an issue. Bonus!

NOTE: For you youngsters or people who live in despicable warm climes, back in The Old Days, drivers in the snow belts used to get undercoating done every fall -- a spray on grease that kept road salt and sand from prematurely turning all the steel into rust, which is much weaker than steel. The use of better materials and coatings applied at the factory have pretty much eliminated this as a business in most places. And we expect our cars to actually last more that two to four years. (double-grin)

Round Tires

Of course I'm composing this on the PDA at the tire place. When we got hope from North Carolina after Christmas, the right rear snow tire on the 1989 Blazer was flat. Pumped it back up cleanly yesterday and it was still good this afternoon, so looked safe to drive on.

Kids, if find you have a flat where you parked, try not to move the vehicle. If the bead is still intact -- the part where the rubber makes the seal against the wheel rim -- not only can you cut down on damage to the tire, but reinflation is a definite possibility.

Never Seen Them Act So Fast

After a couple of horrendous fatal crashes about three miles from us at 68th Avenue and Warner, I saw a notice in the paper saying a traffic light would be put up there. Last Thursday I saw some cable trucks at the intersection and thought nothing of it. By Friday, the lights were installed and running in their blinking mode.

Now it used to be there was some sort of rule that they had to leave the lights blinking for a couple of weeks while people got used to seeing the new traffic lights. But this afternoon, just one week later, they had those suckers doing the whole green-yellow-red schtick.

Guess the highway people really wanted to get that intersection under some protection.


So I'm on vacation for a couple of weeks and now that I have to get gas and start The Long Commute again tomorrow, gasoline jumps 20¢ a gallon in one day? What's up with this? Half the time I cannot even fathom why the price jumps up. I mean what gets blamed this time -- coal mining companies?

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