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Mark Your Calendars -- It's The First Day of Summer

Sure It Says Spring...

But the record temp for Kalamazoo for March 20th jumped today from 69°F to 84°F, marking like the fifth record day in a row. And Grand Rapids' 86°F was a record for the month of March in any year since they recorded temps. This is the weather usually reserved to start in June.

And tomorrow will be warmer.

Now in case you're thinking that Spring arrives on March 21st, remember that February had Leap Day, so March was a day late in starting this year. (grin) And for those of you who want to start spouting off about global warming -- in either direction -- remember that weather and climate are two very different things. (double-edged-grin)

It'll be cooler this weekend, with highs only in the 60s. But the apple trees are three weeks ahead this year, and we've heard tell that the strawberries will be early -- and we're eagerly awaiting the local asparagus from down the road.

Our forsythia bush, which we've never done anything with after planting it something like 18 years ago, should be gorgeous tomorrow. I need to try to get a photograph of it backlit when I get home.

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