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A Satisfying Win

When Last We Met On This Topic...

One of my stories had been shortlisted in The Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest (DW). I am pleased to now reveal that my story "Your First Real Rocket Ship" has won Third Prize in the contest and will soon be published on the Friends of the Merril website at the Toronto Public Library. In addition, I am very excited that I will eventually receive one of the five booklets to be created by an artist for the three authors, the artist and the Merril Collection.

When it is published, this will be the first time "Your First Real Rocket Ship" will be available in English. In 2009 it was translated into Greek and published in Εννέα (Nine) (DW) as "ΤΟ ΠΡΩΤΟ ΣΟΥ ΠΡΑΓΜΑΤΙΚΟ ΠΥΡΑΥΛΟΚΙΝΗΤΟ" ("THE ONE YOUR REAL ROCKET" according to Google Translation).

I am pretty pleased about this. "Your First Real Rocket Ship" is a story about a little boy and, well, his first real rocket ship ordered from the back of a cereal box. (grin) It's a story I've always liked, but I figured it was too light to outright win the contest. On the other hand, I thought it might make a strong candidate for Third Prize. Turns out I was right. (double-genius-grin)

Also a thanks and a hearty handshake to canadiansuzanne Suzanne Church, who had publicized this contest on her blog and whose story "Muffy and the Belfry" was also shortlisted as a Finalist.

This makes a total of three stories of mine which are going to be published Real Soon Now. Looks to be a real horserace as to what the order of publication is going to be. (third-place-grin)

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